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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • ...working with WRMH over the last few months has been a pleasure. It's been like having a whole new department, who just hit the ground running. Thanks again for your exceptional help and guidance along the journey of our new facility. I look forward to working closely on an ongoing basis.

    Marcus Hanley, Managing Director
  • when we had a sudden, urgent need for extra equipment we found that WRMH were readily available and very quick to respond. I had to make just one call on the day and had the additional forklifts onsite and working the next day.

    Sarah Walker, Distribution Centre Manager
  • Thanks for your help. From previous experience working with your sales team I new that if I bought pre-owned equipment it would be a good investment, whether it was covered by a six or 12 month warranty, but your level of warranty backing really stands out in your industry. Keep up the superb service!

    Gary Call, Technical Manager
  • ...in the end it was your commitment to service and maintainance regarding our forklift fleet which convinced us. You have given us undertakings on service that we can totally rely on. We are growing as an organisation and we're sure you'll continue to offer your outstanding support, which is a big help indeed.

    Susan Peros, Commercial Director