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  • Telescopic Booms SJ45T
  • Telescopic Booms SJ45T
  • Telescopic Booms SJ45T
  • Telescopic Booms SJ45T


Telescopic Booms
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SJ45T Access Platform
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Details and Description of Our SJ45T Telescopic Booms

Skyjack’s world class product designs provide the best possible value and lowest life cycle costs through unsurpassed reliability and ease of service. The SJ45T boom lifts make no exception to these philosophies, offering proven design features such as Skyjack’s standard color coded and numbered wiring system with analog based controls.


The SJ45T also feature Skyjack’s exclusive DIRECTIONAL SENSING DRIVE AND STEER CONTROLS, which ensure the boom lift will always drive and steer with respect to the operator rather than the orientation of the chassis. The axle based 4WD system offers unsurpassed traction and terrainability; using a ‘Detroit Locker’ type differential on the rear axle and limited slip differential on the front oscillating axle.

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