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1 to 5 Ton Tow Tractor

Tow Tractors
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1 to 5 Ton Tow Tractor Forklift Truck
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Details and Description of Our 1 to 5 Ton Tow Tractor Tow Tractors

The internal combustion tow tractor is available in the towing capacity ranging from 1.0t to 5.0t. Combining with the advanced technology, it is specially manufactured with high maneuverability in any applications. It makes use of famous brand imported diesel or LPG engines complying with relevant EU exhaust emission regulations. Hence, it is an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Through the efforts of our professional design expertise, the operator's compartment is designed with great comfort, thus reducing the operator's fatigue to a minimum degree. In addition, the operator can clearly see the drawbar pin of the tow tractor from the cab and can easily operate the drawbar lever, thereby improving the working safety and efficiency.

As a specialized internal combustion tow tractor manufacturer based in China, we also supply lifting platform, empty container handler, 1-3.5T four wheel ECB forklift, and 1-5T internal combustion counterbalance forklift truck, among others.


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Tow Carry Truck for Professional Needs | Simple Operated Drag Forklift | Tow Fork Truck with Minimum Operator Fatigue

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