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Forklift Trucks

  • Warehouse Trucks 2 Ton Basic Range
  • Warehouse Trucks 2 Ton Basic Range

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Details and Description of Our 2 Ton Basic Range Warehouse Trucks

Our 2T basic range pallet truck can be classified into two types according to its different operational modes. One is the pedestrian type, which is ideal for short distance transportation. The other one is stand-on type, which is suitable for long distance transportation on the contrary.

The pallet truck with a load capacity of 2t utilizes the innovative AC system, which offers adequate power needed by the vehicle. Due to the high-strength frame design, it can be used in tough applications with long service intervals. The truck also offers high reliability and low cost for running to customers because of the adopted AC motor and CURTIS control system.

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, the pallet truck also features easy maintenance. With the function of self-diagnosis and the help of an external hand-held analyzer, the troubles can be easily found through the digital display. In addition, the vertical motor also brings convenience for inspection and maintenance of motor.

Our company is an experienced 2T basic range pallet truck manufacturer based in China. We offer a variety of products, including 4-5T four wheel ECB forklift, side loading forklift, 1-3.5T combustion counterbalance forklift truck, and more.

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Stand-on Model Battery Carry Truck | High Strength Frame Accumulator Forklift Trick | Reliable Storage Battery Convey Fork Truck

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