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Forklift Trucks

  • Warehouse Trucks 2 Ton Premium Range, Pedestrian
  • Warehouse Trucks 2 Ton Premium Range, Pedestrian

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Details and Description of Our 2 Ton Premium Range, Pedestrian Warehouse Trucks

The new Hangcha 2T premium range pedestrian pallet truck manufactured with advanced technologies is ideal for short transportation distance, while providing good operating experience to the driver.

1. This pallet truck enjoys high working efficiency. The compact chassis allows for ease of maneuverability in limited spaces. Also, the unique steering pivot makes the drive motor suspend during steering.
2. The vehicle adopts ergonomic design. For example, the tiller head is specially made for good visibility. The dual lifting or lowering button controls allow operation by either hand, and the creep speed control button ensures speed adjustment. In addition, the standard conductor band is also available.
3. The truck is characterized by good reliability. Constructed with durable frame and integrated welded forks, the truck gains high rigidity and long service life. Moreover, the new butterfly drive controller provides reliable and easy operation for the user.
4. Our pedestrian pallet truck can be maintained with ease. The IP54 rated environmentally friendly sealing well protects the components inside. When the back cover is opened, every component is easily accessible to serving.

Hangcha is a professional 2T premium range pedestrian pallet truck manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company also provides empty container handler, pallet stacker, 1-5T combustion counterbalance forklift truck, lifting platform, and much more.

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