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  • Dock Levellers and Lifts Bay Lifts

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Details and Description of Our Bay Lifts Dock Levellers and Lifts

A Bay Lift is ideal for lifting and handling loads between different levels where the height difference is less than two metres, such as loading bays and docks. The relatively low lifting height and no need for a lift pit means that the Bay Lift offers a practical load handling solution where alternative equipment such as conventional scissor or platform lifts cannot easily be installed. Separate versions are available with capacities from 500 to 1500kg and with a range of platform sizes that ensure the Bay Lift can safely handle crates, pallets, roll cages, sack barrows and many other loads.

The unique action, folding platform and self-contained hydraulics ensure the Bay Lift is compact and can be installed in almost any indoor or outdoor location with a standard 240V, 20A electrical supply. The platform folds up when not in use to minimise space utilization clear the lower level working area and create a robust barrier at the edge of the upper level for added security and safety. Simple hold to run controls ensure the unit is easy and safe to use in any application.

All Bay Lifts are designed, manufactured and installed to the precise requirements of the specific location and customer after a thorough site survey. Exacting quality assurance standards ensure safe, economical and reliable performance with long maintenance-free service intervals. The company provides a complete design, installation and training service with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure the continued reliability of the Bay Lift. Its comprehensive after sales service and maintenance programme is also designed to provide complete peace of mind and help customers meet their statutory inspection and maintenance obligations.

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