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Details and Description of Our Dock Seals Seals and Shelters

Dock seals and shelters are both unique, cost effective answers to sealing the rear of a vehicle to a loading bay, thereby protecting the conditions inside the building from adverse weather conditions outside of the building.

The simple yet efficient sealing system we supply delivers a cost effective alternative to other types of sealing systems. All models being constructed from high tear resistant material and high recovery rate foam in-fills. The adjustable head dock seal is an effective way of sealing the rear of vehicles.

The head curtain is run along a spring counterbalanced roller for smooth height adjustment, giving you the option to cater for more varied height vehicles allowing them to reverse comfortably into the loading bay area.

Options Available:

  • Plain faced sealsDS1000
  • Heavy duty seals
  • DS1001Mobile head seals
  • Head drop curtains
  • Split sides for easy maintenance
  • Easy detach system
  • All models can be custom manufactured to suit your particulary requirements

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