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Details and Description of Our Dock Shelters Seals and Shelters

Retractable Dock Shelters

The DS3000 retractable dock shelter is the most commonly used system in use today. Offering a relativly high sealing solution to a wide range of vehicles.

Manufactured with a 60mm x 30mm galvanised steel box section. Cantilevered arms bolted to the back and front side beams which are pivoted at each end to allow the shelter to retract against the building in the case of vehicle contact.

The dock shelters are available in various heights, widths and projections to facilitate your individual requirements. Also available are curtain dimensions and designs to achieve the maximum sealing solution for your vehicle fleet. The dock shelter design allows for easy installation to almost any type of building. All that will be required will be a suitable flat fixing area. This area should be flush with building line and have a flat surface.

Options Available:

  • Curtain Size
  • Draught Curtains
  • Retractable head curtain system
  • Corner cushions
  • Logo or number identification
  • Ground Mounted


General Specifications

  • The frames of the roof and sides are clad with a 600gm/m² flexible PVC polyester.
  • The head curtain and two side curtains manufactured from 3.5mm thick polyester.
  •  Both come with internal memory structure to enable the curtain to return to original position after it being distorted.
  • The woven polyester has high wind and tear resistance built in.

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