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Details and Description of Our Fast Action Doors Doors

What is the DS DYNAMIC Door?

The DS Dynamic Door is a rapid roll door with a self relocating curtain. Giving an opening speed of up to 2 m/s. This means that it is perfect for high traffic areas opening quickly giving you smooth traffic management.

The door is low maintainance and cost effective, the curtain re-seals if hit by traffic, this dispenses with costly call out of engineers and keeps your operation active. The DS Dynamic comes in Food safe, Insulated and standard ranges and can operate in temperatures of -25 – +70°c. With a range of operators from a simple pull cord to induction loops, radar sensors or swipe cards we will be able to cater for your particular entry control. The DS Dynamic comes with a 3 phase electric motor and push button controller as standard that can be programmed to your operational requirements. Our door curtains have a option of twelve different colours with one row of vision windows are fitted as standard. The easy to install self supporting frame is galvanised as standard and is available in five optional powder coated colours.

“We offer a no-obligation advice service to any potential requirement you may currently have for these technically advanced doors”

What are the benefits of a DS Dynamic Doors ?

Self repairing from impactDS Dynamic Standard

  • Hood and motor cover
  • Two sets of safety photocells
  • Electro-optical safety bottom edge
  • Programmable to your requirements
  • Easy to install
  • Low Maintenance
  • Cost effective

DS Dynamic Options

  • Entry Control
  • Curtain Colour
  • Frame colour
  • Battery Back up
  • Insulated for low temperature
  • High vision for safety & light

All doors are available to be customised to your individual requirements including window configurations and shapes along with your personal logos that can be imprinted on the doors

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Standard items include:

  • Hood and motor cover
  • Two sets of safety photocells
  • Electro-optical safety bottom edge

Ideally suited to high volume areas due to the high speed opening and closing mechanisms, they enable you to control temperature loss and help you to become more energy efficient in today’s fast moving environment. We have 3 varieties of Doors that will serve your purpose dependant on your requirements and application.

Food industry safe

We are able to offer you a fast action door which is fully washable and ideal for the food industry environment. It has been specifically designed so that it can be fully jet washed and there are no areas for build up of contaminants.

Extra large doors

We produce a range of doors suitable for extra large openings, up to 20 metres wide.

DS Dynamic Doors for coldstores


  • Maximum Dimensions: 3500 x 3500mm
  • Opening Speed: 1 m/s
  • Closing Speed: 0.6 m/s
  • Operating temperature: -30° C

This door is specifically designed for extra cold areas. It allows you to have rapid access whilst maintaining the temperature inside. With our unique heater system and design that prevents the build-up of ice on the moving parts.

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