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  • Safety and Protection Salvo Safety Systems

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Details and Description of Our Salvo Safety Systems Safety and Protection

What is SALVO? Salvo Safety System is a unique loading dock safety system that interlocks the vehicle’s own braking system with the dock door, ensuring that a trailer cannot depart until loading has finished with the dock door locked closed. How does SALVO work?

  1. Vehicle arrives and the heavy duty stainless steel/aluminum SGL lock is applied to the trailer brake line.
  2. The heavy duty key can only be removed from the SGL once it is locked on the trailer.
  3. The uniquely coded key is used to unlock its assigned dock door.
  4. While the door is open, the key is trapped.
  5. Only once the loaders have finished loading/unloading and locked the door closed will the key be released.
  6. The released key is then taken to remove the SGL brake lock.
  7. Driver can safely depart.

  • Enforces OSHA / FMCSA regulations.
  • Dock personnel have total control of their environment
  • Self enforcing – No paperwork requirements
  • Solutions for all door types, no doors or tanker loading systems
  • Solutions for all vehicle types.
  • Minimal installation and maintenance
  • Security – physically locks dock doors
  • Provides a barrier for fall prevention
  • Customizable to fit any dock procedure.
  • Heavy Duty
  • Fast. Safe. Fool-proof.

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