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Details and Description of Our Strip Curtains Doors

Our high quality PVC strip curtains deliver the easiest and most economical way to cut energy bills, protect goods and equipment from adverse weather conditions and improve workplace health & safety in areas where uninterrupted passage is essential. All our products are made using only high quality ‘European-grade’ PVC. This ensures every curtain we supply will possess outstanding see-through qualities. It will also provide unbeatable energy-saving performance, be hard wearing and long lasting.

Using our strip curtains from gives you several advantages;

  • Saves you Money by Cutting Energy Bills
  • Protects Goods, Equipment and Employees
  • Controls Noise, Dust and Pollutant
  • Works as Door Curtains, Canopy Walls and Internal Partitions
  • Cost Effective Replacement Strips Available


Hook-on head-rail system

For light-medium industrial applications where there is pedestrian, manual pallet movement and occasional forklift traffic. PVC strips come fitted with steel suspension plate sets that simply hook on (or off) the hooks for ultimate convenience.


Swivel-hinge head-rail system

The UK’s toughest curtain system for openings where there is heavy and constant use by forklifts and others vehicles. Headrails are made to measure and come fully assembled ready to hang. PVC strips are bolted into hinges so they cannot be dislodged.

We also have a sliding rail system that can suit your requirements for heavy use openings. this can come in either a single side system or bi-parting system depending on your requirements and opening sizes.


Working temperature range of -15ºC to 40ºC.
Full range of PVC grades, widths and colours.
Range of strip overlap options to optimise performance.
Supplied ready to hang with easy to follow instructions.
Sliding rail options allows the curtain to be slid aside temporarily
to improve access.



There must be a suitable structure for the suspension headrails to
attach to – e.g. a joist or lintel. If one of these is not in place,
one must be fitted. Roller shutter boxes are not strong enough.

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