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Posted on: 28th June  2017

Grease is the word for keeping your lifting equipment healthy

Grease is the word for keeping your lifting equipment healthy

Recent tests by WRMH have delivered hard evidence that choosing right lubricant for your forklifts will have a huge impact on the performance of its truck chain (which controls the critical mast lifting and lowering functions). Because a forklift’s chain is considered a ‘wear’ item, the price of replacing a damaged or worn one is unfortunately very unlikely to be covered as part of any maintenance package. With this in mind then, there are some definite steps that an organisation can make to be sure that the chain continues to perform at its optimum for the greatest possible time.

An example of this would be that it is extremely important to the performance of the chain, and therefore the lifting equipment, that it is lubricated at regular intervals: the life of a correctly lubricated chain can be more than 60 times more than that of a dry-running chain, in-fact, even temporary dry-running will shorten a chain’s working life hugely.

In addition to this; picking the right lubricant for your equipment’s chain can make a big difference to a chain’s performance, but unfortunately this is not as straightforward as it possibly should be. It’s a little known fact that most chain lubricants used in the materials handling industry were in-fact designed for use in a vehicle’s transmission, as-well-as for use on motorcycles!

If you’d like to find out more about maintaining your forklift talk to our support team today, we're here to help!

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