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Posted on: 9th May  2017

Switching to VNA storage could mean you don�t have to sweat your assets

Switching to VNA storage could mean you don�t have to sweat your assets

The current difficult business climate has compelled many organisations to search for methods for maximising the cost and performance effectiveness of their assets. Individuals, techniques and supplies are constantly under the microscope to an unprecedented scale as organisations from all industry divisions try to get as much as possible from what they have.

In the matter of the production network and supply chain, one result of this ''asset sweating'' rationality has been a general hesitance to trade up to larger distribution centres.

Organisations have decided to look to build storage density and pallet capacity and pallet capacity at their present site without bringing about the sort of expenses that a move to a new, bigger facility might include — leading to some surprising gains. As a consequence of this approach, there has been a detectable upturn in investment in Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) storage frameworks.

It would seem that advantages might well be picked up by moving from a wide aisle to a narrow storage configuration setup and, by greatly improving the utilisation of an existing facility by expanding its capacity. Numerous organisations have acknowledged the move to VNA storage as "exceptionally beneficial".

Be that as it may, a switch to VNA space is not a good fit for every business as each application must be broken down independently and there are numerous elements that can become an integral factor - not least the sort of forklift truck or materials being worked with. Further variables that must be taken into account from the start include; stock profile and product blend, working environment/conditions, health and safety, training and deployment.

If you’re interested in finding out more of the potential savings that VNA storage can make on your organisation, talk to our support team today.

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