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Do you want to remove the risk and exposure that your drivers
currently bring to your business?

Controlling this real and present risk delivers you i2'mediate operational and financial benefits, highly focused and accountable drivers and a tool for solid management control.

Driver Access Control

The Smart Card Driver Access Control interface delivers a flexible driver access control for defined drivers and departments. The system's vehicle-mounted device can be integrated at the time of original manufacture, or later as a plugin installation. As well as offering two driver languages the system also includes a full, pre-operational check system. The pre-operational check system can either be customer or truck specific and can be performed via a new touch screen. The product is ultimately designed to help you to meet your health and safety objectives.


The system has the capabilities to provide optional two-way messaging between the controller and either the truck or the driver. The messages can include a simple instruction message to a driver or a more complex message to find the truck. This two-way communication also enables Event Alerts which can be sent directly to your mobile via SMS, as-well-as email or to the web-based reporting system. These Event Alerts can include shock, service due, alarm inputs and occurred hours, and are fully configurable.


This optional system is an easy, simple to use and the most cost-effective solution to controlling the operation of either a small or very large industrial fleet and helps you to reduce the cost of damage. The system combines the use of a driver interface with multi-directional shock-sensing device.

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